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Intersolar is ready to assist the world’s transition towards solar & clean technologies worldwide – Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director, Solar Promotion International

Today we present our exclusive talk to Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director at Solar Promotion International, who manages all Intersolar events worldwide besides Intersolar Europe in Munich. Florian and the whole Intersolar management & team fully understand the world’s transition towards solar & cleantech economy and they are ready to assist the industry and other stakeholders […]

Solar in USA: North Carolina Bill to Expand Solar Development Signed into Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Governor Roy Cooper signed NC House Bill 589: Competitive Energy Solutions for North Carolina into law. Following is a statement from Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): “We appreciate Governor Cooper’s leadership in signing NC H589 today, a measure that will significantly enhance the […]

Protein From Solar Energy & Carbon Dioxide Could Slow The Pace Of Climate Change

Humans need protein to survive, but growing the food that supplies the much needed protein adds carbon dioxide and methane to the atmosphere, speeding up the pace of climate change. Agriculture has many other negative environmental effects. Growing crops and raising livestock both consume enormous quantities of water. Millions of tons of fertilizers made from […]

Solar in USA: New DC program puts solar panels on homes of low-income families

A new program touted by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser aims to install solar panels on nearly 300 homes of low-income D.C. families. Leaders say the panels will save the families nearly $600 a year in energy costs. WASHINGTON — The District has launched a program that aims to get solar panels installed on nearly 300 […]

Scotland sets renewable energy record as wind power provides equivalent of 118% of nation’s electricity

In the first six months of 2017 enough power was generated to supply more than all of Scotland’s national demand for six days. Wind power output in Scotland has helped set a new record for the first half of the year, according to an independent conservation group. Analysis by WWF Scotland of data provided by WeatherEnergy […]

Solar in LATAM: Brazil’s installed solar capacity seen jumping 325% by end-2017

The Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar) projects that the country will end 2017 with 1 GW of installed solar PV power generating capacity, a 325% surge from the current 235 MW. The overvall solar investments through the end of the year are estimated at up to BRL 4.5 billion (USD 1.3bn/EUR 1.2bn). At the moment, Brazil’s solar capacity is enough […]

Pictures Gallery: C-50 Visionary Dinner of SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY at Intersolar North America 2017 in San Francisco

Watch now Pictures Gallery from “C-50 Solar & Cleantech Visionary Brainstorming Dinner: Paving the Way for the World 4.0.” held on 10 July 2017 in Waterbar in conjunction with Solar Business Club which gathered 50 Solar & Cleantech and Financial Leaders as well as Policymakers.  Go to Pictures Gallery by clicking on the below picture.

MENA’s renewable energy boom to require $200bn investment

An unprecedented surge of renewable energy projects in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region will need more than US$200 billion worth of investment in the coming years, according to a new research from business intelligence service Meed. More than 67 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy projects are currently at the design and study stage within the […]

Clean Disruption News: Hawaii’s Push to 100% Renewable Energy Presents Opportunity for Solar Energy

Hawaii continues to push the envelope in renewable energy, providing a path for the rest of the country. Hawaii has long been the U.S. leader in solar energy deployment, despite the fact that the state’s renewable energy efforts rarely get national attention. Solar energy, in particular, makes sense in Hawaii because of the state’s abundant sunshine […]

Tesla Model 3 and 10 New Electric Cars to Be Excited About

We have all witnessed a triumphant roll out of the first Tesla Model 3 from the conveyor and the start of its production on July 7, 2017, two weeks ahead of schedule. However, while all of the car fans were fixated on this most important event in the history of Tesla, many had missed the […]

Solar in USA: South Miami Now Requires Solar Panels on all New Homes

South Miami approved legislation that any new residential building project must have a solar energy aspect. This is a major advancement in a state that has a long and complex history with renewable energy. From mid-September onward, solar panels will be mandatory for new homes in South Miami, Florida. The law — which was passed […]

STOP linear thinking solar guys! Now is time for exponential growth – Visionary Debate with Tony Seba, Alex Levran & Eckhart Gouras

Today, we present SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY Visionary Debate “STOP linear thinking solar guys! Now is time for exponential growth” held in San Francisco on Solar Leaders TV Stage at Intersolar North America 2017. We spoke with the following visionaries: Tony Seba, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at […]

Clean Disruption News: Apple is reportedly working on electric car batteries with CATL, China’s biggest battery maker

Last year, Apple was rumored to be working on an autonomous all-electric car codenamed ‘Project Titan’. The company later confirmed development work on an autonomous driving platform and CEO Tim Cook even referred to it as “a core technology” for the company, but it showed signs of giving up on developing an actual car. But now Apple […]

SolarReserve receives Environmental Approval for 390-MW-Power-Station

SolarReserve has now received the environmental approval for a 390 MW solar thermal power station including 5,100 megawatt-hours of energy storage in Chile. This important milestone marks SolarReserve’s third approval of a solar thermal project that will provide Chile with a non-intermittent, 24-hour supply of energy – at a price competitive with fossil fuel based […]

Solar Trade War News: DG Trade Proposes New Price Control Mechanism for Solar Panels in the European Union

Brussels, 20 July 2017 – Late yesterday evening, the European Commission set out a proposal for a new mechanism for controlling the price of solar panels and cells imported to the European Union from China. The products’ prices had previously been governed by a minimum import price (MIP) system that the European Commission acknowledges had […]

Will giant batteries lead to giant emissions cuts?

Some states and electric power companies are rolling out a new weapon against fossil fuels — giant batteries. A growing number of states are requiring large batteries to be used to store electricity to help expand wind and solar power. The trend is catching on quickly as at least three states have created energy storage targets […]

24 GW in H1 2017 – China “The Solar Nation” Is Adding Solar Power at a Record Pace

Distributed solar accounts for almost a third of installations Idled solar capacity falls 5 percentage points in period China, the world’s biggest investor in clean energy, is on pace to install record amounts of new solar this year after adding 24 gigawatts of capacity in the first half amid a push by policy makers to locate electricity production […]

Clean Disruption News: Clean Energy Is Trouncing Oil, Gas and Coal in Trump Era

Index of wind, solar and other companies up 20% this year Rally is fueled by broad mix of factors, from Nevada to China President Donald Trump took office vowing to revive the coal industry’s fortunes. So far, the smart money has been on clean energy. An index of 40 publicly-traded solar companies, wind-turbine component makers and […]

Elon Musk Gives the Big Picture at Governors Meeting of the National Governors Association

Elon Musk talks about cars, space, energy, risks of A.I. and gets a standing ovation at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting. July 2017. VIDEO courtesy ExpovistaTV

Clean Disruption News: Green finance group calls on EU to stop funding fossil fuels

A group of financial experts has set out its vision for hardwiring sustainability goals into the European Union’s financial system, calling on the 28-country bloc to stop pouring public money into polluting fossil fuels and focus spending on clean energies instead. The EU’s high-level group on sustainable finance issued its interim report on Thursday (13 July), urging the European […]

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla! Top 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikola Tesla

Happy birthday, Nikola Tesla! The man credited for designing the modern alternating current electricity supply system was born on this day in 1856. Here are Top 11 Things You Didn’t Know About Nikola Tesla:  11. Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in the Austrian Empire, now Croatia. He was the fourth of five children. After […]

Solar in Israel: Sun is shining, Money is in the bank, NOW we need to perform! Eitan Parnass, CEO at REAI

During Intersolar Europe 2017, held recently in Munich, Germany, we spoke to Eitan Parnass about the current status & perspectives for the solar business in Israel,  Eitan Parnass is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Green Energy Association of Israel (REAI), the main renewables lobbying group in Israel. Established in 2009, REAI promotes […]

China Builds The World’s First Panda-Shaped Solar Farm

In China, the panda is a symbol of peace, harmony, and friendship. That makes it the perfect choice to represent a new initiative to expand green energy in the country. Over the next five years, as part of President Xi Jinping’s 21st-century Maritime Silk Road economic policy, Panda Green Energy will install multiple power plants […]

Update on Solar Business in Latin America by Arturo Herrero, Founder & CEO of AlterPower, Former Executive at JinkoSolar, Trina Solar and BP Solar

During Intersolar Europe 2017, held recently in Munich, Germany, we spoke to Arturo Herrero, Founder & CEO of AlterPower AG, one of Solar Pioneers & solar business practitioner with over 16 years of solar experience on Top Executive Positions at JinkoSolar, Trina Solar and BP Solar, who is now driving not only solar but also cleantech revolution. Arturo, […]

GE Energy Financial Services raises largest Solar Fund in Japan

The Fund represents a new renewable energy investment vehicle led by GE for the Japan market and is targeted at JPY 75 billion and has the potential to grow to JPY 90 billion. Anchor Investor is the Development Bank of Japan. GE Energy Financial Services (GE EFS), the energy investing unit of General Electric (NYSE:GE), […]

Clean Disruption News: Volvo Becomes the First Premium Car Maker to Go All Electric

Starting 2019 onwards, all vehicles manufactured by veteran automaker Volvo will either be hybrid or electric. According to Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Car Group’s president and CEO, “We are convinced that the future of Volvo is electric.” COMMITTED TO ELECTRIFICATION Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the future of automobiles, thanks to efforts by both veteran car […]

Helping solar developers to market & sell their projects worldwide – Michael Ernst, General Council, Sr. Vice President at Clean Power Inc

During Intersolar Europe 2017, held recently in Munich, Germany, we spoke to Michael Ernst,  General Council & Sr. Vice President at Clean Power Inc about their recent developments and plans.  Michel, right hand of Mary O’Donnell, a passionate green business woman who runs a sustainable & renewable farm in Kingston, Massachusetts, has over 30 years of energy experience as […]

Tony Seba: Major industries such as energy and transportation will undergo a complete “disruption” by the year 2030

Major industries such as energy and transportation will undergo a complete “disruption” by the year 2030, Mr. Tony Seba told guests of the Pacific Council and the Korea Foundation during his keynote address at the SeouLA Forum on March 31 in downtown Los Angeles. SeouLA convened dynamic business, civic, government, and academic leaders from the United States and South […]

German Tenants Win Right to Generate Solar Power on Rented Roofs

Merkel government widens subsidies to residential tenants Government hopes 3.8 million homes to benefit, more later Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition is widening access to the solar power market for people who rent their homes in a move to boost green power’s expansion in an election year. Lawmakers are set to pass legislation dubbed “Tenant Power” […]

Former SunEdison employees raise funds for new solar venture

Former employees of the bankrupt SunEdison have raised funding for a new development company focused on solar projects. Summit Ridge Energy is led by CEO Steve Raeder, who previously managed SunEdison’s East Coast commercial and industrial solar business. The principals at Summit Ridge, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, also include Christian Redmond and Jarryd Commerford, both of whom previously […]