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RES4MED = Don’t impose but propose… Roberto Vigotti, the man behind a success story of RES4MED

During the 5th Anniversary Annual Conference of RES4MED held recently in Rome, we had an opportunity to have an exclusive talk to the man behind the organization, who just five years ago together with Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel started shaped on a sheet of paper a successful story of the organization.  Today, RES4MED & associated RES4AFRICA is a leading […]

Clean Disruption News: New CEM campaign aims for goal of 30% new electric vehicle sales by 2030

BEIJING – The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) announced a new campaign called EV 30@30 to speed up the deployment of electric vehicles and target at least 30 percent new electric vehicle sales by 2030.  The campaign will support the market for electric passenger cars, light commercial vans, buses and trucks (including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell […]

SolarPV.TV Pics: How does an Electric Car work? (Example of Tesla Model S)

Electric cars are making big waves in the automobile world. These noise-free, pollution-free and high-performance vehicles are expected to make their I.C. engine counterparts obsolete by 2025. This video will unveil the hidden technologies behind the Tesla Model S, which recently became the world’s fastest accelerating car. We will see how electric cars have achieved […]

Helping solar & renewable energy growth in Africa with RES4MED – Michele Scandellari, CEO at SECI Energy & Enerray

During the 5th Anniversary Annual Conference of RES4MED held recently in Rome, we had an opportunity to have an exclusive talk to Michele Scandellari, CEO at SECI Energy & Enerray.  Michele, who is a member of the Steering Committee of RES4MED, explained us how the organization activities in helping solar & renewable energy growth in practice & what is […]

Making RES4MED “Bambino del Mondo” – Antonello Cammisecra, CEO at Enel Green Power & President of RES4MED

During the 5th Anniversary Annual Conference of RES4MED held recently in Rome, we had an opportunity to have an exclusive talk to the new President of RES4MED, Antonello Cammisecra, who has also been recently appointed as the new CEO of Enel Green Power.  Born in Naples (Italy) in 1970, Antonio Cammisecra graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering from the University of […]

The World 4.0.: Enel electric car & sustainable family solution at Enel Store? Francesco Starace, CEO at Enel

During the 5th Anniversary Annual Conference of RES4MED held recently in Rome, we had an opportunity to have an exclusive talk to one of the clean energy disruptors in the utility space, Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel. Mr. Starace was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer in May 2014.  He joined Enel in 2000, holding several executive positions including Head […]

Tesla Superchargers will use solar power and batteries, says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that all Superchargers are being converted to solar and battery power, with the end goal of being almost entirely off the electricity grid.   The reveal follows Tesla’s continued push “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” According to Musk’s Master Plan, Part Deux, one of his principle goals is […]

Solar in USA: New York will sink $1.5B into renewable energy projects to spur clean energy jobs

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week announced a new Clean Climate Careers (CCC) initiative that will aim to create 40,000 clean energy jobs by 2020. As part of the program, the state is planning to invest $1.5 billion in renewable energy, aiming to procure an additional 2.5 million MWh each year. According to the governor’s announcement, it is […]

India’s first solar satellite television service brings ‘magic’ to villages

An Indian social business has launched the country’s first solar satellite television service, bringing clean energy powered entertainment to households and businesses through a pay-as-you-go payment scheme. Simpa Networks, which began operations in 2011, is one of thousands of social enterprises in India tapping into the renewable energy market in a country where one-fifth of […]

PV developers invest in pre-build module checks to protect margins

Utility-scale solar developers are increasing upfront investments in rigorous quality assurance programs to secure return-on-investment amid aggressive price competition, industry experts told New Energy Update. The average global auction price for utility-scale PV fell from $250/MWh in 2010 to $50/MWh in 2016, according to a study published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in […]

From the Dream to the World 4.0. – Tom Zhao at BYD presents a symbolic SkyRail to Hans-Josef Fell, Father of Renewables in Germany

During “Black-Tie Gala Europe Celebration” of “SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY FORUM EUROPE” held on June 1st 2017 in  in the historical House of Artists (The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus) in Munich on the occasion of Intersolar Europe, Tom Zhao, General Manager of Solar Business at BYD presented a symbolic SkyRail to Hans-Josef Fell, Father of Renewable Energy Law in Germany.   It was a truly touching moment after […]

Pictures Gallery from Black-Tie Gala Celebration of SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY FORUM EUROPE at Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich

“SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY FORUM EUROPE” held from May 31 to 2 June 2017 in Munich on the occasion of Intersolar Europe, featured its flagship “Black-Tie Gala Europe Celebration” in the historical House of Artists (The Muenchner Kuenstlerhaus) a meeting place for artists and society alike and living proof of the style and society model of its time of origin.   In 1893 prince regent Luitpold […]

Solar in India: 750 MW Rewa Solar Power Plant – A Defining Milestone in India’s Solar Energy Journey

The successful commercial close of 750MW Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Park in Madhya Pradesh, has helped India get closer to its 100 GW solar energy goal by 2022. The public private partnership initiative utilized a robust project structure and innovative de-risking mechanisms, paving the way for other large scale solar power projects in India. With […]

Clean Disruption: The Start of a New Era of Energy Sharing by Regalgrid Europe

This short animation shows a new disruptive energy sharing solution by Regalgrid Europe. A single photovoltaic system, even if provided with a storage unit, is not sufficient to achieve self-consumption levels leading to energy autonomy. To achieve energy autonomy, it is necessary to become evolded prosumers. Regalgrid® has designed an innovative technological platform which achieves the first open and interconnected […]

Solar in USA: In Brooklyn, you can now sell solar power to your neighbors

In Brooklyn, you can buy honey collected from an urban bee hive. You can buy lettuce grown atop an old bowling alley. And now, you can purchase free range, gluten-free, fresh, organic solar power right off your neighbor’s roof. Brooklyn startup LO3 Energy is revolutionizing the way homeowners buy and sell electricity. They are making it possible to auction rooftop solar power […]

Solar in Europe: U.K. Breaks Solar Power Record on Hottest Day of the Year – Solar Provided 24 % of U.K. Demand at Lunchtime

Solar panels provide 24 percent of U.K. demand at lunchtime Output exceeded 8.7 gigawatts on Friday ahead of rainy weekend Britain’s fleet of solar panels generated a record amount of electricity on Friday, as the nation basked in sunshine during the hottest day of the year. U.K. solar power output rose to a record 8.75 […]