Getting the Vision to Earth: LTI ReEnergy, a localization partner at Noor Solar Technology production hub in Dubai, UAE – Michael Bellmer, Managing Director at LTI ReEnergy

Following its “German heart and local content” strategy, LTI ReEnergy was one of driving forces behind setting up a solar production hub and fully integrated energy solutions in Dubai by Noor Solar Technology (NST). During our visit of NST we spoke with LTI’s  Michael Bellmer and David Walter about how did they succeed in “Getting […]

LTI ReEnergy has been working for more than a decade in the renewable energies field. With years of experience and technological know-how in electrical inverters, high product quality and the power of a truly global player, we are in a position to respond strongly to growing demands of the energy sector, with leading-edge developments, perfect work results and custom solutions in our main areas photovoltaics, wind energy and Smart Energy Conversion.
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