Pictures Gallery: Black-Tie Solar Gala of SOLAR FUTURE. TODAY at Solar Power International 2017 in Las Vegas

Watch now Pictures Gallery from Black-Tie Solar Gala at Solar Power International 2017 in Las Vegas in conjunction with SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY & Solar Business Club.  Go to Pictures Gallery by clicking on the below picture. Related posts: Pictures Gallery: C-40 Visionary Dinner of SOLAR FUTURE.TODAY at Intersolar South America 2017 in Sao Paulo Pictures Gallery from […]


MINERVA is specialized on energy generation and infrastructure investments, with key focus on renewable power generation. Through its investment vehicle MINERVA Energie & Infrastruktur SA, and other affiliated investment vehicles, MINERVA  has already secured development assets in excess of 418 MW with a construction cost totaling more than USD 0.7 billion. The management team of MINERVA brings extensive development, construction, operation, acquisition and financing know-how to its project pipeline.


MINERVA actively invests in power generation and infrastructure projects with stable, attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

The regional focus is based upon economies with stable legal frameworks, off-take counterparties with excellent credit ratings (e.g. Germany, England, America, and South-East Asia), high energy prices and rising local energy demand and utilization of proven technologies from well-respected providers.

Climate change, environmental protection and energy security are top issues on national and international political agendas. Growing global energy demand can only be adequately satisfied with renewable energies. Through the expansion of renewable energies and infrastructure, MINERVA offers investors an attractive risk-return profile, long-term, stabile cash flows and low correlation to traditional asset classes such as shares and bonds. 


For investors in legacy funds our team has achieved earnings in the last three years of 28%.

The MINERVA team previously led the world largest system integrator, who was worldwide market leader in ground-mounted PV systems (highest yearly installations, lowest BOS costs, largest plants, shortest construction times). We have built over 100 large-scale projects (over 700MW PV systems alone) in 22 countries. The MINERVA team has completed transactions with a total  enterprise value of over EUR 5.3 billion.


San Carlos, Philippines

Capacity: 23MW   |   Grid Connection: 2014

Brandenburg Briest, Germany

Capacity: 91MW   |   Grid Connection: 2011

San Carlos, Philippines

Capacity: 19.9MW |   under Construction

Finsterwalde Cluster I, II and III, Germany

Capacity: 83MW   |   Grid Connection: 2010

Puglia I, Italy

Capacity: 10MW   |   Grid Connection: 2010

Valdis-Issé, France

Capacity: 3MW   |   Grid Connection: 2011

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