Josef Gmeiner: Making Solar Triple Green in Australia with the whole Solar & E-Waste Recycling Solution by RINOVASOL & PVCYCLE

Few weeks ago, on a special invitation of our friends, founders of Solar Juice, Rami Fedda & Andrew Burgess, we attended All Energy Conference & Exhibition in Melbourne as well as an amazing Solar Juice & its partners party “The Energy That Newer Sleeps”. Australia was the only one continent missing on the map of SolarPV.TV […]

Founded in 2014, RINOVASOL GmbH is a German company, specialized in the refurbishment of photovoltaic panels. The unique patented process utilized by RINOVASOL allows for the renovation of 90% of all photovoltaic panels placed on the market and extends their lifespan for up to 50 years. As a leader in the renovation of defective panels, RINOVASOL’s worldwide reach is fast expanding with additional operations set up recently in Australia, United States, Canada, and India. RINOVASOL products hold the CB Certification and are insured by one of the largest insurance companies of Germany, the state-owned Versicherungskammer Bayern.

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